Big tree =3


Christmas decorations are out!! :D This is by far the creepiest tree… like it’s massive and detailed awesome but… the faces just just a tad bit too realistically creepy for comfort >.> But yea! Decided to do some shopping today~ Actually.. didn’t get anything but tea >.>

But I did have a super tiring day… woke up early for Dim Sum breakfast with Gee and one of his friends. But it was nice cause I actually got a decent time to talk to her instead of just like food and they just talked about past events or people >.> Cause yea. I wasn’t part of that xD Then we had boba which is amazing as always~ Then some grocery shopping?! Yea. Had to do some quick grocery shopping which took forever because parking just sucked T.T And then we went to play with some doggys. Have a snack. And go to Mitsuwa for some.. well.. more snacks! Where I found my next cosplay idea :D Which makes me SO happy. I really want to see if I can somehow do it for ALA. It’s crazy, it is. But I want to tryyyy o.o Then we went to the mall and just did a little bit of shopping =3 OH! Then gelato and sushi~!!! <3

Yea… it’s been quite awesome these past days. minus … some work related things. but whatever. After tomorrow I have SO much to do. And I can’t wait =3



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