Sightly cosplay addicted

maybe? Ok MIGHT be addicted >.> Come, read this article :D

It’s sad cause I’ve done 2 — throwing it across the room — quite the many time. >.>;; I think yesterday I couldn’t find the dang seam ripper and just lost it a bit T.T My family gets all uptight about me not finishing their clothes altering in a timely matter then bash on me that this is what sewing is so I should have it done super quick, perfect, and FREE >.>

And 3. Cause once a con or show comes around I just go into hermit mode. No games. No going out… unless it’s boba. then yes, going out =3

And omg 8 — I do fantasize about getting the help and finishing a costume for a con on time T.T Ah fantasy… more reason why I wanna live in your world T.T


Yea thats. That’s the extent of me. Yea I still fit into a lot of those “signs” but hey, I’m a cosplayer~

On another note. Slightly related but not…. my brother became a lawyer! And during his day of celebration… I got some serious backlash =.= Constantly being compared to other asian kids and my brother and sister. It’s wonderful. I mean I get how they think I just gave up in life but… I just took the road not taken? (xD) Because even in the stanley parable, you have to choose 2 doors. You can listen to the overwhelming narrator who is telling you to go left… or you can go right. The right path is dangerous and scary.. sometimes witty! But hey, it’s so much more entertaining =3 In one ending you just find a pretty star filled room with pretty lights~ Of course I think that ends with you only either restarting the game or falling off some stairs >.>

Ok terrible analogy.

Either way. I’m still having conflicts with myself. I KNOW for a fact that if I cave in and become this CPA they want me to (to create their perfect little family occupation) I’m stuck. I’m forever stuck into something that gives me such a bore and headache. But if I don’t then wow am I that black sheep or what? >.>;;

The inner “make everyone happy” and “have win win situations!” is really prevalent in my personality.



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