Happy thanksgiving!!!
For once in a lonnnnggg time…. my family had turkey as a main dish! I think years ago I decided to not like turkey (can you blame me? It is normally dry and hard to swallow) but my mother I guess found a way to make it moist and soft with her special secret stuffing so its quite good o.o I sure wouldn’t have guessed lol

Anyways I’m actually writing this while waiting in line at a store …. the deal is too good to pass or else I would’ve booked it a looonnnnggg time ago.

So I decided i’ll make this time as productive as possible and do all I can until mu phone dies!! Wo!

Normally this is where i’d say what I’m thankful for. The normal family and friends of course. And for positive attitude as that’s what’s getting me through this …oh so wonderful time~ but really. If I didn’t have such great friends to get me thinking through the tough times, to help me rant to my heart’s content, and to watch me eat twice as many sweets as them– I would probably be such an obedient hermit xD yea. …. it would suck. And as much as my family doesn’t support my side all the time, at least I have food on the table and no rent to pay! Plus they do tend to be a fountain of knowledge when I need them xD just gotta find a better middle ground to meet on.

And since I’m next to pay, ill leave it at that~ thank you for reading and not giving up on me~!



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