Archive | November 17, 2014

Yea. I did that.


Yea ok… I got a lot of face palming for this picture but… IM HOLDING A LIGHTHOUSE :D
Please don’t mind the derpy face >.> It’s kinda me going “am I really doing this?” xD

I finally got the pictures back from the aquarium trip~ The ones I posted earlier of the fishies were from my phone. But we all know Gee’s camera is a lot better than my little outdated phone.

I actually been slowing down with Fantasy Life. Been trying to get all the ideas and what not written down before really diving into it. Plus Fantasy Life was such a bad idea but so worth it! I’m a pretty darn good angler and huntress ~ Plus tailoring in the game is awesome. I just got the upgrade to dye my clothes. …. …. do you see the possibilities?! I DO!

Also been designing a bit more now! Been inspired~ really! I want to have a nice looking portfolio when ALA comes around~ I will try posting some up on instagram or something before they get all finalized and what not. The designs come out weird but.. meh. Why not. =3