Puppy kiss!


Puppy kisses <3

I’m actually surprised I got this picture…. but I”M SO GLAD I SPAMMED SELFIES LOL!

Took this before PMX while I was just waiting around. And Bulba was actually being quite nice unlike now-a-days where I can’t get her to stay still and she won’t go to the bathroom in the right place anymore =.= I don’t understand you little one… T.T

Anyways. Today she was just being mean =.= And I don’t even know what to do anymore QQ

But on a side note. I feel like I’m getting progress with my brand and the store! I’m SO excited for the next few months but I’m super stressed out just because I have so much I want to accomplish but I’m a procrastinator and I always feel like I have time (which I dont. I really dont.) So I really need to do daily goals and time slots for where I can actually play games >.> I’m SO addicted to Fantasy Life. Can you guess what happened? Here.

Gee: what you up to?
me: sewing :D
gee: ooo what now?
me: …. in fantasy life
gee: /face palms Really?!
me: :DDDD I’m still sewing tech..nically!
gee: /leaves

roughly. Close enough. lol!

I also had 2 cups of coffee today. I think I went overboard.


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