Scratch meh


Oh gosh bulba, pull yourself together. So vulgar >.> <.<

xDD She’s so adorable~~~

So the story behind this… My sister took apart a cushion from her bed that just added extra poof. Apparently she didn’t like it. So my mother cut it up and used part of it for her iron board since it’s the same kinda foam. But then it somehow got into the play room where bulba would just lay on it and try to rip it apart =.= Which she then ate the fluff which isn’t ok. And I got sick of seeing such an ugly sight and decided to make her a bed out of it! so I just folded it up into a nice big rectangle and took some scrap fabric out that I didn’t mind using on it. I found this purple striped fabric which in all honesty isn’t very cheap but I really have no use for it o.o and I really didn’t think I had so much left either lol. Sooo… I pretty much made a pillow case! I could’ve actually put a zipper in but… meh. Didn’t want to make something so fancy lol.

And yep. It led to this~ she has a “free” bed that I had just using materials I never would have used otherwise! And it fits her better than the other pet bed that’s actually quite small o.o But that one is perfect for when she wants to curl up~

Anyways. Yea. I did that on my free time today xD That and took out Diao Chan to redo then decided to cry in a corner because I really dunno where to start with restoring that T.T


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