Archive | November 12, 2014

Fishie! Why are you.. photobombing?!


Ok seriously.. I need to remember to update more LOL I am SUCH a slacker. But I thought this is one thing I should probably write about~

Me and Gee went to the aquarium!! It’s been long overdue and we only had a little over an hour to go through it but.. so worth~ It was quite interesting because I got to find out the extent of Gee’s nerdiness. Oh wait. Probably not the extent per say… more like.. I didn’t know what box I was really opening xD But it was quite fascinating~ My favorites were the jelly fish and all the eels… and the sex change fishies that had the sign “fish harem:” next to it xD It was wonderful~


So this is the penguins and the jelly fish. The jelly fish seriously look fake o.o but they were moving! It’s also the same ones we were able to touch! So slimy … so awesome~


The picture on the left … I was trying to take a picture of the striped fish in the back whose fins kinda looked like tentacles from far away. So when I went to snap… other fish totally photobombed .=.= fail. And the pic on the right are the pretty sex changing fishes that come in pink!! :DDDDD

Yea. So we did that for a day. Then had sushi afterwards cause… that was right >.> We felt so wrong but it tasted so right LOL

I also didn’t really post these past few days because I’ve been out o.o Spent Friday at PMX and ate shabu shabu with the group~ Decent food… although they messed up my order >.> And then sat-mon was mainly “date” days and dog caring days! We had Afters, an ice cream place that has freakin jasmine green tea ice cream, twice… in 2 days. Crazy but oh so good :3

Ok. More posting soon. really.