Little stress filled vacation


So I’ve been MIA the past few days… but that’s because I took a little… vacation time~ And it just happens I can’t work around friends so easily xD Nor Gee… he’s such a bad influence >.> But then again he didn’t really work all week either LOL!

I believe it was starting Wed of this week I was freaking out about leaving the house for awhile and making the my family had adequate help from me in terms of cleaning the house. Well not cleaning… our house is getting fumigated for all the spiders and bugs sitting in there. Spider season this year is real o.o I’ve killed so many it’s crazy, so getting out of the house before their impending doom is quite nice. But! So From Thursday to the rest of the weekend I have been on vacation~ I finally got some time to myself (minus the dog on my lap while writing this) so I have time to update and get back to people!

You can actually see bulba next to a dog friend that’s a big fluffy doggy. They liked each other but he never wanted to play with her o.o oh well. I admit, the first 2 nights away from home bulba wouldn’t stop whining and complaining QQ It was terrible. I felt like an actual mother from the waking up in the middle of the night and lack of sleep. At one point I saw the clock turn from 3am – 4am- 5 am until I probably passed out (or bulba finally decided to stop screamin her head offf =.=) I felt bad cause I’m pretty sure the neighbors could hear it loud and clear…

I actually bought a few new things to keep me busy at home for selling items so… looking forward to updating on that too~

OH! And Round 1, the arcade place that has the japanese crane machines, had one with alpacas in it… I wanted one REALLY badly >.> But I managed to persuade gee to get it and then to not in the end.. why? Well… I really don’t need another stuffed animal.. so really cute as the white one it T.T So that’s that picture.

Hmm… other than that. I’ve been thinking a lot this week. I talked to various friends about the predicament I’m in and I’ve sorta found the answer for it? I found a pathway if anything. I just have to get on it and run the heck outta here. Life when I get back home into my parents house is gonna suck pretty badly now. Don’t ask >.> But I am not looking forward to it. So as an alternative… I’ll enjoy my time and make a plan!

Because of my family though it really put a lot of stress onto me. I’m the type of person to try an compromise for everyone to be happy. It’s what I’ve been taught. But now I’ve noticed that I tend to compromise for situations to make other people happy when it really does nothing for me in return! So now I have to reevaluate some of my decisions because if it never benefits me then… I think I might be stuck here for awhile. So… sort of a vacation… it was stressful. my skin is breaking out pretty badly because of it all. I need some relaxing time with a massage >.>;;



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