Pasta time


Randomly I start to make decent looking dinners other than ramen… so my latest … invention. Was this lovely pasta! Ligh alfredo sauce with diced up tomatos, some pork in there, with some dried crunchy pork on top! Yea… it’s kinda odd but it actually turned out tasting pretty good o.o To the point where my sister ate more than she was going to leaving me with not as much as I wanted >.>

Its been weird. My aunt comes over and sees me baking cookies from scratch or actually cooking pasta and they seem SO confused. They probably think im just a lazy bum that can’t much for myself. But you know what… I’m just trying something different. And if it works out for me in the end.. isn’t it all worth it?

Whelp. Time to see if I can find something to eat that’s healthy though! Mother fed me a churro, smoothie, and fries sooo… I feel kinda gross :/ Maybe I’ll just do some squats.. eat some oatmeal w/ banananananannaasssss~



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