The first table…


In attempts to gather ideas for a new display for ALA…. I came across this xD This was my very first artist alley table in which we were duly prepared for xD Here you can see the back of Gee’s head and my ears popping out of a plushie stand xD It looks like we were setting up o.o memories though…. that con. It was a terrible con xD I still managed to break even but that was hard o.o Anyways… I actually still have that grey table cloth, might scrap it and get something alot more colorful that suits me more~ It’s sometimes hard figuring out a table scheme that suits us both cause he has such a bias of 3 colors >.> (it’s true, don’t give me that face gee)

Yep. Just thought I’d share. And they even marked the picture so you can see who took it xD Although I’m confused to if we were actually the subject of the picture? o.o Maybe our sign? Who knows~

Time to get some major cosplay work done today! Granted it’s just a lot of patterns and hopefully I can get around to finishing some cosplays that are stuck at buffering at 80% xD



One thought on “The first table…

  1. Spot the hidden pichu xD
    and also maybe you need a bigger banner since if you look at the blue moo one its masiveO_Obut i still like chibi you and chibi hermsi a lot more:3

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