another sight to see


Had another really productive DTLA Trip! Like… omg. I was expecting to get a lot but not ALOT. But more on that later. We actually had lunch at a spot we found quite close to our first destination~ This is our 2nd time there and WE CAME PREPARED! Their portions are HUGE for being such a great price too! We love it. So this time I shared with Gee the sandwhich on the left… seriously. That half filled me up o.o That and the bowl of pasta that came with it… and then our table split a hummus appetizer which was AMAZING. It was Black bean, edanamne (?) , and the last light looking one I’m not sure what it was but it was sorta tangy and our least favorite. Our favorite in unison was the green one and then the black bean one! At one point Gee told me I have to stop eating the green one >.> I think at that point we were fighting for it LOL

I want more hummus. Been loving that stuff… seriously can’t wait to get my hands on more of it!

We ended up paying for all-day parking 3 times. Which kinda sucks but its LA and you can’t really expect much less. Parking is a luxury…  I mean its a luxury just driving a car down there. So at the end of our trip we landed in little tokyo, had some curry house, and then I took this picture where we parked on some roof of a building! The bottom pictures that is. It was a nice sight that you’d just sit and watch at in awe for a bit.

A long day. def a long day. I came home, had a little drink, and then treated myself to a well needed facial~ It was amazing. Can you believe I wore tennis shoes out the whole day? That’s a first since.. since… probably 6 years ago. Yea. I’ve been wearing flats and heels all day everyday~ Ok and slippers at home xD

My mother told me I should be doing 1 of 3 things everyday:
1. Meet someone new
2. Go somewhere new
3. Learn something new

And today? I pretty much did the last 2 xD I don’t meet that many new people, not to the point of knowing their name. I really should but… meh. Last time we went we met someone! That counts for something right? lol

Well. I’m officially broke~ Time to make a whole buncha new things and hope for the best.



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