Dat face.


See little Ruby’s face? Yea. That’s what I kinda was like all day today. I woke up ..drove my sister to school and came back home with a headache so I just went back to sleep xD Then woke up to some normal nagging. It’s quite amazing actually all the nagging that can come in one day o.o Really that should have been a forewarning >.>;;

I actually spent my lunch time of a few hours talking to an old friend from college! It’s quite interesting how people change just from short term experiences and lessons learned. But that’s life right? I spent time at the office… which was me doing some paper work and what not. Nothing too special but honestly nothing that was worthwhile. Yet it always has to be done.

Oh I gave some tax lessons.. makes me feel like I know a little more about the real world but…. eh. That’s always debatable xD

I am though quite happy with my healthy eating streak! Granted that is until I brought home hot cheetos and a box of Hello Panda cookies home >.> Not to mention the ice cream and root beer I’ve had T.T I’m terrible. I dunno why I suddenly have such bad sweet cravings. Eh. Well. Ok I do know. I’ve been deprived! haha~

Other than that… today felt a little meh. I’ll have to get more done tomorrow. like. Really. Cause something about the word “useless” isn’t very appealing to me :/



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