Meet.. RUBY!

20140926_160604The amount of cuteness of this little girl.. is killing me xD

SO~ Gee got a new little puppy YORKIE~! She even has her own little blog over at YorkieTails. Get it? Yea. It’s also so adorable~ She’s on her way to becoming a great show dog. And with Gee training her… I can see that happening. Like.. It takes me a few weeks to potty train Bulba but it takes him like 3 days =.= But his house is quite a nice atmosphere for dogs already so that’s a plus~

I got the picture above when she was sleeping =3 So adorable!! She’s only like… 2 pounds? you can hold her in one of your hands. like… her 4 paws can probably stand comfortably on your palm. (assuming you have a guy’s sized palm? XD)


I had a fun time taking some selfies with her <3 Did I mention that she’s adorable?!?!? XDDDD

Puppies are a lot of work though. And money. And worry. I always worry T.T I mean I do and I don’t. but I do admit my little bulba makes staying home a little more bearable~



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