Beach day


For once we had a beach day :D we took the chance to also surprise Jas with a small birthday celebration~ so that’s part of the cake! Oh and the creeper we took a photo with looks really sad at the cake…. lol. Oh gosh…. we’re odd people.

Anyways it was a really relaxing beach trip. Got s slight tan xD only where I put lotion on myself though, I asked gee to get my back (which he proceeded to do in a really non sexy way but very efficient) and all the part want even the slightest tan.

We poked at sea snails which are sore fascinating. Then saw fish up close but only were able to get close to ones that were either dead or really struggling to live…. sad. T.T
Oh! Also did a sort photo shoot of archer from Dragon nest! Yea… remember that game… hmm.

It was a fun day, super tired to the point where I felt physically tired all day afterwards!

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