Selfie with the puppy!


She was sleepy and I was trying to take a selfie with her… I don’t think she appreciated that >.>;;

Anyways the past few days I’ve been going back and forth from updating my brand to updating my resume… which gets kinda confusing but meh. I hit the mark where I kinda miss sewing and I feel like I should make a new skirt or dress or something o.o But I don’t have too much extra fabric left which makes me a little sad T.T

Mmm.. other than that. My new heels came in! They were cheap and super adorable and a really great deal :D BUT… Gee has banned me from wearing any heels till at least the end of this month and I’m sorta obligated to listen >.> Why? It’s cause I think of him as my personal doctor/vet/brainbank/artist/manager …. You know that list is probably longer but I think minus the brain bank it’s all just profession xD

Bulba also has finally learned how to go into her crate the first time I ask! And she just sits there not begging for food~ It’s quite amazing~ But now time for sit. Yea. I know I should’ve started with that. I tried! but she wasn’t getting it… but time to try again! With different hand motions.. cause I think I was confusing her o.o

Anyways… Ascension mode in League is SUPER fun. I was suppose to sleep almost 2 hours ago… >.>



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