Caught red-handed!!! This little bulba monster was spotted sleeping on top of the couch when no one was in the room >.> She’s such a rebel… LOL

Anyways since the past long rant (which trust me its actually longer) I had some time off to really just.. marinate and what not. I also found that my mother bounces back from disappointment quickly cause she’s talking to me like nothing has happened. I dunno how I feel about that but … I suppose as long as the relationship isn’t completely killed…? >.>;; Always a long term goal but sucks short term xP

Still trying to find a balance between living for the future and living in the moment. Sometimes with overwhelming Asian parents you forget that it’s BOTH important. I’ve been doing a lot of thought processing in the past days >.>

And well. Yae. I’ll get out of this slump with a positive mind and just trying to make the world a better place~



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