20140824_153514I’ve been so bad with bloging now.. LOL anyways! Here’s a backstage pic from the show! Everyone was getting all nervous as things started to real when lining up o.o Heck I was a ball of nerves cause I had to make speeches T.T But I finally finished most of the post-con updates! :D You can read my little snippet on my cos blog about my side of the show~ Ah I can’t help but to look at my work and just go “awww” cause the models were wondering how I paired them up with designs… and it’s all just by gut feeling and looks xD How else am I suppose to do it right?

So great news~ I have my own half table for ALA! :DDD was FINALLY able to get a spot in the FCFS which literally took me a minute to register and pay! It takes out SO much uncertainty so I’m really glad. I believe I’m also hall judging so let’s see how this goes… I know I’ll have helpers so I’m not too worried about it. But at this point I’m anticipating debuted 2 new cosplays (1 of them Gee’s) and then having the finished product of 2 other cosplays! Add that with… you know… products and some legal stuff.. I seriously have my hands full o.o 

So let’s see… I also want to rank before the season ends in League sooo…. time for that too!! Oh and little Bulba which likes to go to the bathroom in all sorts of rooms T.T



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