Crunch time


A week left before my show and… my family doesn’t really get that. My friends do though! Which is always nice but sadly that leaves me to be kinda friend deprived and too much family =.=  Mmm… I barely got any progress today other than a really nice night’s sleep. I got a full … 8 hours? THATS a miracle in itself xD I was so happy~ And the dog didn’t even wake me up =3

We had a “cosplay” day which is what I still call our outings when we do crafts xD I brought EVERYTHINH for the show. Just letting you know the red bag is all my un-cut fabric. The yellow is the bag of cut fabric that is done or close to it. Can you guess which one is a lot smaller and lighter than the other… >.>;; And the other picture is just what my mannequin looked like at one point loll

So yea.. I’m tired. I need to work out. I need to work. And I need to figure out a way to get my parents off my back sooo…yea. Well. Time to get some sleep on. I need to wake up and fight on with another day~




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