Velvety goodness


FINALLY! A day for working on the show =3 It included making the 2nd part of the show and me just working on the main outfits… I’m so happy for this opportunity but at the same time everyone still expects me to be doing the same thing as I was before. So if that’s true I’m self employed in like…3 different aspects in 3 different industries making my life quite difficult. But minus that… let’s see if I can even finish this show on time. It’s crazy that I lost a week to family T.T

SO! I busted out a really pretty blue velvet. That picture was with flash~ Without flash it was just alll a dark midnight sea~ I like it =3 But I need lining cause im not happy with the one I have… so time to go buy some more!!

Oh and that pic is heather and alex just kinda contemplating ..whatever.

I’m excited though~ Its all starting to come together quite well =3 Looks like diao Chan will be postponed to ALA cause I have to make up the week I lost…. meaning taking one thing out to account for the higher priorities! Hopefully I can run through all these patterns, do fittings and have enough time to remake parts of costumes so I can have something new to post! (cause 9 new outfts werent enough? lol!)


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