Family loves the beach


Like really… my family really loves the beach o.o but I guess that is one of the beauties of California xD so my family reunion days and post family days are pretty much done! We had a picnic at the beach and I was able to buy myself a new sun hat when I was shopping in China town =3 my grandma approved of it and then I found out later that everyone wanted to steal my hat and wear it >.>

Oh and there is bulba! Isn’t she adorable? It’s been decided that we’re gonna keep her and she’s gonna be my little prodigy ~ yes id probably still take a pom over it but… I’ll get one later on in life xD so this like girl is like a family dog! But I mainly take care of her…..

So yep! I talked to my mother and she told me or normal life won’t ever be normal again… so yea. That’s … =-= we’ll see how this goes. …



One thought on “Family loves the beach

  1. i love the hat too:3 so i cant be mad at your family for wanting to steal it and the little one is so cute:3 hope she doesnt end up to big later unless you want that she takes you for a walk xD

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