Warm doggie sleepy doggie?


Little ball of fur xD
Surprise surprise! I started my day late but got as much done as I could with the corset~ See that? Oh man.. I love putting in the channels for the spiral steel boning. It really makes the corset nice~ The shape still leaves something to be desired but meh. Can’t do much now, already put so much effort into it >.<

On another note.. more family members came today o.o which distracted me SO much to the point where half my day went to… well.. nothing. == games. looking at puppies. OH right. puppies. Yea this little girl stole my heart a little today. She’s really sweet… even gave me a kiss when I helped her not eat a lego piece (courtesy of the little kids) I found her sleeping on my chair and its so freakin cute T.T Almost looks like a german shepard lol! It’s the colors… but she’s adorable~ They named her cow but im renaming her to Bulba. Yea. like bulbasaur~ Or you can pronounce it like boba~ xD Anyways I ended up moving her off the chair and she slept on my lap.

Yep. That’s my day lol…. ohh I see a ffew days of not being able to do ANYTHING ahead of me T.T




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