Archive | July 9, 2014

Staring down

 photo 20140704_171443_zpsd8f93f8e.jpg

You’ll be seeing a lot of AX pictures posted for awhile I think.. my days have felt shorter with the amount of business I need to do. I see why entrepreneurs say they literally do their jobs 24/7 and honestly I don’t mind xD I mean if you have to do something constantly… might as well enjoy it right? XD

On another note… I feel a disconnect from my family lately… I think my parents have finally decided to leave me to whatever I’m doing and with that they don’t really talk to me either. It’s … kinda sad. But it makes it easier for me to work on things xD I’m not sure what is worse though… doing what I like but parents don’t talk to me. Or doing what they want me to do but I’m constantly angry and mad at the world… >.>;; (at least thats what gee says that happens to me. I dont mean to be mad at the world!)

So yes. Here’s another picture of me in arch bishop from ragnarok staring down at the Howling abyss from league xD Although I think the picture on my instagram where im kneeling on it gives a better 3D illusion~

Oh! Did I mention I’ve been splitting up a little bit of my time to play borderlands 2 on the pc?! I’m gaige =3 Apparently my brother got a nice chunk of expansion packs~ I love the robot that fights for you… now THATS the kinda fighting I like~ Where animals/robots fight for me while I shoot and snipe from the back~

Anyways. I’m excited for the event =3 I’m starting to see it really take place and I’m SO stoked. Think of a kid being thrown into a candy shop! And someone just gave you permission to take a bag full *-* But you gotta be careful on what you pick… cause you only wanna pick the best ones for you.

I also had a lovely time with misquitos yesterday… I think one bit me like. 3 times. ITCHY T.T