Remember when…

Remember back in the day where I would post things first on here before anywhere else? Well I thought I should do that again… just cause … why not~ <– seriously my reasoning for everything.

So firstly. I got a mini shoot of my Diao Chan cosplay which was worn at about… 70% completion. Still makes me slightly sad but I’m working on finishing it for my next convention which is Anime California! Yea. About that… I have some great news which was officially confirmed today! So Anime California is a new convention but the hype for it has been… pretty decent. I actually have quite a lot of faith in it and really it’s kind of blind faith. But I do think it has some great potential~ So we were actually planning on doing a panel there which would have been so much fun~ (this is after we missed the artist alley deadline) but now it seems that … I’ll be doing much much more! I’m SUPER excited but actually quite nervous since I just got a lot thrown onto my plate. What is it? Has the anticipation finally gotten to you? XP So so so… we were able to work an arrangement out with Anime California people and I now have an official slot as a main event! Yep. You read that one right. Kimikotan Cosplay is a main event~ Ok. Technically not me me… it’s actually going to be a fashion show BY me xD The news and confirmation came pretty late so I am rushing my butt like crazy to be able to finish everything on time o.o Might have to even employ the rest of the group!

Today I actually finished sketching out about 7 full designs but I’m only happy with a few… I give myself another day for designs then another bit to plan them all out quite intensively. Seriously branching out so far this year than what I thought I was able to do from years past. I mean comon… I did a more revealing cosplay and I never thought that would happen!

Well… you heard it first here =3 time for me to go on and about~ working pretty much all day on this stuff. I feel a little bad even taking breaks at this point >.< Well.. time for me to try to sleep! Kinda hard to with such happy dancing going through my brain xD (that and an eternal gratefulness to Gee who has been such a support <3 which the photo is by Him @ Hermsi)




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