Details. Parts. Color!


The sheer amount of work ive been doing is crazy. But honestly.. my past 2 weeks have been cosplay work constantly. And the past week has been literally waking up and working on cosplay until 2 hours before sleeping. I usually save an hour or so before leaving to talk to gee and relax… cause even I need some breather in my day! From all the constant work… I’ve been loving it. I really enjoy just making the costumes! I’d love having a partner though… still working on that… gee it’s a great prop maker but he’s not cosplay partner material xD iono. I’ll find that person eventually ~~

I’ve also been constantly updating from my phone now. Im.actually sleeping earlier than I wanted because one midnight hits bugs like to come out… so I already squished a really big and fast spider and a few fly/moth/mosquito has flew in front of my fave and proceeded to scare the living daylight out of me! So that was fun…. >.> (I say that as I run away crying xD) oh gosh I hate bugs…. =-= suckish part is …is that I squished the thing was one of my Sandels….I’m gonna need a clean up crew >.>



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