Happy dads!

It’s become crunch time at my house for AX… 2 weeks!? Plus a wedding to help out with… I’m going slightly crazy cause I’m SUPER behind. What’s worse? Seems like my family is making my job harder than it really should be… so I’m getting some … mm.. lets call it backlash. I wish I had time to fix it all but honestly… parents who are not opened to a discussion and just want to pull up past bones isn’t making it easy =.= I’m just waiting for them to cool down and come to me when they are ready to talk =.= It makes for a slightly awkward Father’s Day. Normally I make something but… I didn’t feel like putting in such effort this year… so it was dinner!

But I do love my daddy.. he works hard to keep my life so simple and free (okay less free now xD) But he’s tired so I hope my projects kick off so I can get him to not work so much >.< I just want him to be happy!

So my day wasn’t the greatest.. I feel kind of lost today but.. I tried to make someone else’s day better!



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