Updated SM pics~

Finally got the mars photoshoot pictures up!! I also uploaded them to a promotion thing so hopefully I get it *crosses fingers* but who knows what the creator of SM will pick… she has height and the look of the whole group to put into consideration so there is alot to factor. Either way… still hoping!! I’d love to be able to keep promoting every year *-*Ideally.. even if I have a table of my own xD

So yea! I’ve been busy updating places with my photos which in total turned out to be around 13 photos that are pretty decent~ I was worried cause Gee was saying the camera was being weird .. even scared me saying none of them were usable! T.T But it was just the cam screen.. not the actual pictures. So I’m happy!

Ah. Working endlessly on cosplay for the next few weeks till AX. It’s gonna be hectic. I’m not even selling things which would have just added onto the stress anyways. I’m really tempted to see if I can do the masquerade though…. I want to try. pop the masq virgin bubble XDD That was slightly vulgar of me huh? meh.

Well.. I have early mornings and late nights ahead of me. …. …. hur. Meh. I’ll have fun with my caffeine and crashing afterwards!

Ps. That’s def my favorite picture =3 even without the fire and effects I do like it.
To see the majority of the pictures visit my facebook!





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