Sailor Mars Selfie!


AHHH the lack of updates is REAL. xD But hopefully I can squish all the past festivities into one post xD

So this whole week was mainly dedicated into finishing Sailor Mars in time to wear for a photo shoot during the LA Cosplay con! I mainly went to check it out for selling items… they invited me to sell there but I didn’t think it was right for the business… which was true. But I decided to check it out anyways! Kind of disappointing though.. there was no guide of when was what or even a sign. No map layout. And I’ve been spoiled by personalized badges so just an ‘attendee’  badge was … meh. We only spent a few hours there… but for a $10 ticket each with an added on of a $15 parking fee.. it hurt. It really did T.T So we ended up leaving quite early to go to a luau anyways which is where that good came in! Man… good food >.>;;
But I like how there is an event for cosplay and photographers… the idea can have more potential with the right backing I think.

So yea. That’s a selfie I took with Gee… we’re making pouty faces LOL. He was great for driving to LA and back in traffic for all of this <3 The things we do man o.o I really wish we went to Little Tokyo as well but the parking for that as well kind of deterred us …

so yea! A few things to fix on Sailor Mars but nothing Major… I want to redo the tiara just to make it cleaner and the sleeves on the outfit so it’s super clean. It seems as though Gee’s camera was acting up during the con so I don’t even know if any of the pictures we took are usable.. which makes me really sad to think I didn’t get a decent picture out of the whole trip….

Back to working on AX cosplays and inventory!!



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