Slapped on


:D This was a picture from last night’s work progress on Sailor Mars~ It’s getting there… I just threw everything onto Josie so you can kinda see what has been done xD So the leotard is complete as of today and I was able to sew the bottom fluff part onto the skirt! Oh also hand sewed the big bow in the front in place~ It’s getting there :D

Sadly I wasn’t able to work much on it today because I was dragged to a business workshop that started at 10am but it was an hour away so we ended up leaving the house at 830… but I was told we leave at 8:05 so I skipped my shower just to get ready “on time” … I hate that feeling. Going a day without a shower… or at least going to an event cause my hair is all gross and oily T.T But I did see some lovely rocks so I took a picture! Always want to look for a nice background for cosplay shoots~



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