Aha~~ Alrighty =3 So I bought fabric for this Sailor Mars cosplay on.. Friday. Friday was when I decided last minute to make this cosplay as well! So very minimal planning in terms of how much fabric to get. But I’ve been making cosplays and things for so long I can plan out lengths and what not in my head pretty well o.o Kinda like how my mother can guess the price of a home in an area based on the location and house without even seeing it. So we all have our strengths~

So why does it look funny? The white base is a leotard which I actually made as a leotard. That’s new for me. I didn’t use a pattern but I did look for a pattern base to go off of online. And at this point there are pretty good tutorials out there to go off on so it cut my research time drastically :D

The skirt in this picture is the older version… I changed the pleats to a skinnier version cause I thought it’d look nicer… so yea! Let’s see how the finished product looks~ I’m planning to have it all done by Saturday so I can get pictures of it =3 Well.. back to work~ Actually.. play =3 I’ve been LOVING Tera lately~ oh so cute!



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