You know I really appreciate the arts a lot.. but that doesn’t mean I appreciate other things too! I was at a restaurant … I think Islands Burgers and it was playing some surfing and snowboarding on their TVs. I was just looking at it in awe as people were able to do such cool things on a board and be so.. fearless o.o That kind of skill you just see and you can’t… hate it. Just.. awe’s everywhere xDD But that thought then translated to other things! Like Singing and dancing! Both take a lot of control and a sense of being outgoing.
Now then I thought about cosplays… where I’m hoping people, regular normal people who don’t really know about it, can appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a flawless and detailed outfit/props. I’ve gotten comments where people thought I bought a cosplay instead of making it but what they probably don’t realize is that someone has to make it to begin with. It’s all man-made. So even store bought clothes I can see the work (and the not-work where it looks horrible). So no, I don’t buy my outfits. If I buy a piece I usually state it somewhere xD Usually like a dress shirt or something though…

That’s my rant.. xD Back to creating… and drooling over some artwork xD <- that’s another one. We know art has to be created by someone… so it’s never argued it’s fake like autotune or machinery… which both is really just a helping tool to make everything look a little nicer xD But I think people start to appreciate something more once they try to do it themselves and realize how difficult it is. Oh the rants =.= sorry!


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