More graduation xD


Oh hohohohoho!! SORRY FOR THE LACK OF UPDATES.. I don’t even have a good reason why.. wait.. waiiit.. yes. yes I do. blame Gee and getting me back on Tera. Freakin I love playing that game T.T Something about it just makes me really escape into some fantasy world =3 Def want to make a cosplay from Tera >.>;; Once my lovely character gets something cuter than a jumper… although at this point I doubt it T.T Archers are suppose to be cute! Not jumper cute but… cute!!!

So my brother had a graduation party which was suppose to be small but it seemed so crowded and so many people!! I was quite surprised. But I think what was most surprising was the fact my mother custom ordered this cake which was like O.O CAuse we got through 2 books and the last book on the bottom was UNTOUCHED. Now keep in mind that wouldn’t have bothered me but we were give 3 other cakes that we have to finish somehow T.T So I’m like… cake overwhelmed. Plus I’m trying to eat healthy so it’s been super hard >.> (especially with a tub of thin mint ice cream in the fridge… seriously. whoever made that stuff is MEAN!)

And my Josie dressform came in handy cause people thought it was cool that we were able to display my brother’s gown from graduation. I think it was cool but my dad now wants to keep it up until my brother passes the bar exam. And dude.. that’s not for another 2 months! TWO MONTHS. So the end result of all that was my daddy buying me another dress form because I need one to sew with =3 And lucky timing since I’ve had my eyes on one~~ So I’m excited!


(ps that’s not Gee in the picture, that’s my cousin xDD)


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