Oh happy lei day xD

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So Gee finally walked through the quite boring but ritual ceremony today~ I got him lei’d xP har har… oh man… I crack myself up >.> (sadly its the oldest joke in the graduation book =.=) Soooo! I sat through his ceremony thing which wasn’t so bad~ I love the 2014 sash more than mine though… the dark blue looks so nice against the black versus my white one T.T Hur.

I also FINALLY got into the safari zone in pokemon o.o Trying to build my fairy team lol!! Since it was early in the morning… me and Hea went back to her house… ate … and then took a good like hour… 2 hour nap >.> We were tired T.T And it was SO needed. So then went off to boba and some slight shopping~ It was quite entertaining! Ate pretty much… most of the snow mango dessert he bought =3 Which.. he really didn’t have to buy it but he did <3

And then I had to go off to my not-cousin’s party really.. late. And I feel kinda bad my brother and sister were stuck there for so long with people who didn’t even try to really include them =.= It’s sad when parties do that but if the host doesn’t have experience with parties… then it happens quite often. Cause I admit that I was a terrible host and let my parties get segregated …. =.=

But! I was able to get in and get out without causing too much of a ruckus xD

anyways… Gee is finally offically done with the school~ Well.. sorta. Other than more.. school? But I mean this chapter! It’s nice to know we’re all going on to the next one soon =3 It’s scary but exciting…


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