more social media

Back to my regular posting~

Today I made an instagram!! It got automatically connected to my fb so now a whole bunch of the random facebook friends I don’t normally chat to are following me… which I think is weird but at the same time I would follow them just for the heck of it xDD So yes… my instagram is ->
It’s literally… new  but that’s where I’ll be posting my food pics and what not… but with instagram and twitter and all those lovely things I wonder how it’ll affect this blog o.o I love actually being able to write alot (or at least having the option to right? XDD) So who knows. On the bright side, instagram is a great way to keep in touch with other people and all my posts will be forwarded to my twitter :D wo!

Oddly enough Kimikotan was taken so… I did my best with it >.>;; Close enough with ItsKimikotan right? lol

I dunno if more social media is a good thing for me but… at least it’ll keep me busy xD

I ended up just going out with my mother all day and killing my phone batteries xD oh and twisting my ankle so its … hard to walk on T.T so … I’m sad.





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