The chicken!!


We like to try out new places just to expand our eatery list =3 this time we went to a nice cafe on my school area! It was very…homey. lots of mismatched furniture and very non profit like o.o they used my old schools arboretum greens so it was meant to promote organic eating! And locally grown foods. I love those places~

So why is this so special? This pasta had the best chicken I had ever had. Really. It was seasoned so well and so most and yummy o.o me and gee were just fawning over it! And if we both like one for aspect… it’s quite surprising~

Sorry for the lack of updates everywhere! Gee has been on a little vacation in which I’ve kinda taken one as well… I mean yes I worked during this time but I admit it’s allot of shopping and eating time =3

I hope I can get all the update posts tomorrow! Planning on having a great day to myself for the store~ I can’t wait to get back to working! It makes a long distance relationship more bearable :/



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