Food. Cathedral shoot


Day of food and exploring! I was able to drag out hea and jas out within a like.. 30 minute warning…which is quite impressive. O.o so we dragged them along to do a photo shoot for me! It’s funny cause somehow they find themselves in a position where there is a church aspect to it… and they aren’t church people >.> at least not with me? (If that makes sense…) but we were able to get through the photo shoot without attracting too much attention and without running into trouble with security (which it seemed close at times..)
Gee took about … 150 pictures total and it seriously seems like a lot of them are.good o.o and I’m picky with my pictures so that means we’re getting better at our parts? Hopefully xD another shoot tomorrow with a video day! Ahh.. the things I do for cosplay and fashion…. T.T and this weekend is just gonna be finishing up more…



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