hipster lookin you

 photo 20140430_160102_zps431906be.jpg

The hippy-ish mannequin! Its like bits and parts of cosplays… the wings.. and then my brother’d graduation hat xDDD it looks SO weird.

Today was a good day though! I got to have a double date kind of lunch ordeal with an awesome couple that are getting married in another month =3 I’m SUPER excited for them and their ideas for it all are just like… omg. Makes a person excited =3 And somehow our lunch just went from 1pm to … about 5-6 ish. So that’s a good few hours just going from a restaurant to a boba shop to just standing outside and trying not to bake in the sun lol. But I love it because you know its good when you find other people that kind of instantly clicks? Couples need other couples to date you know! XD

And then we were suppose to have a ririchiyo photoshoot but… from the hotness and lateness from our lunch we decided it was better to not and just explore a new place and take a casual shoot! Should have brought my ears though xD Would have been fun that way lol! I’ll see how those pictures came out… it was already dark by the time we got there so that was a different kind of shoot. The place was quite a nice find though =3

And the SUSHI. the sushi for dinner was amazing o.o pricey too but it was worth. WURF. >.>;;

sorry.. too much league and not the greatest games? I mean I won one today but it still was.. eh. ok. hard. def been hard lately. >.>



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