the wings!

 photo 20140420_174743_zpsfc186a4d.jpg

Guess what my new product is =3 Im weeding out the pokemon ears slowly mainly for the fact that they are really hard to make on such a high demand basis… so I’m currently creating other things that I think will be easier for me to make (with material transport and space) but still have the same high quality aspect to them. So I made these wing headband for my ragnarok online arch bishop cosplay and they turned out quite impressive for the beta version. So I’m going to make a 2nd one on a comfier headband and with less layers to make it uncomfy. Also working on seeing if I can get this on the thermoplastic stuff so it’s even more durable and wonderful looking :D I’m quite happy with the way it is now though~ This was my Easter outfit.. couldn’t get bunny ears so I made do with wings! I love it =3

I worked on armor stuff today… made some good progress =3 I’ll haev to update more about that later though… now I play league.. cause I need a satisfying first win =3



One thought on “the wings!

  1. You look great with the blond wig and blue contacts to be honest it doesnt even look like a wig it looks natural.normally some wigs really look like wigs but i guess its good quality or you did style it great:)

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