Pink bunny cake


Happy Easter everyone~!!

Today is a day full for family (which included my mother nagging on me) and relaxing! (which included working…) So even though I didn’t really have the best Easter.. it was eventful because I was able to cut and style my blonde wig (you cann see on my fb) and also realize by the end of all the selfies that I need a new blonde wig…. win right? Or weft more hair into the bangs so I have fuller looking bangs.

Anyways! Has the cake creeped you out yet? It is quite creepy… mother bought it home for fun… she just thought it would be funny xD Yea… we don’t normally have a cake for Easter..

I forgot I have to go to school with my brother tomorrow :/ I wonder what I can do… I have deadlines… gotta meet them >:] Need to stay focused!



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