Cos day 1


YAY! Cosplay day! and selfies ftw xDDD The selfie was from a work day where I spent most of the day sketching! It’s always fun to just sketch all day =3 But then I get bored and go “man I need to actually make make something”~

So Fridays are always so eventful =3 We decided to move our butts over to Gee’s place and have an actual cosplay day! Yea. Actual. Not a “lets go out to eat and play some games” but an actual day to work on patterns and props =3 Mainly props it seems cause that’s what will take a good chunk of our time. I worked on patterns for Gee’s AX cosplay and a small piece of mine. So you can see the boys kinda talking out some prop work while I was sitting at the table eating ice cream (LOL~my work xP)

It was fun though, we got to take a sneak peak at the intro of the remastered final fantasy X~ And then also got to play some Dynasty Warriors! It was really fun…. and then food coma cause his mother just feeds us until we’re coma’d on the extra comfy couch (which I tried to avoid this time so I wouldn’t sleep >.>;;)

Today I went to the store and bought applique stuff though. Spent a good $6 on two items that will hopefully be enough to cover 2 cosplays =3 Now looking at fabric at Joanns is very unsatisfying compared to the prices downtown… but actually finding the fabric I want is quite easier I have to add. Plus its pleasant knowing you don’t have to ask for the prices of each and every fabric >.>;;

Oh and we just had a movie night =3 Watched Howl’s Moving Castle again! It’s quite the odd movie I have to add…. >.> But I do like it =3




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