Archive | March 26, 2014

annoying lil sis

Isn’t it adorable? My sister went on a church retreat this past weekend and family members/sponsor writes the candidates a letter with memories and good feelings. So in return the candidate is able to write a letter back which she did to me and it was adorable~ I think lately she’s needed it more and more as the high school life can get really… distracting.

I remember when I went on the retreat and it was my.. junior year of highschool. I was pretty much… the shy person back then and definitely not like what I was now xD But I think that’s good cause I remember not really enjoying the retreat as much. The only thing I enjoyed was the nature and being able to wake up before everyone else and just skip rocks on the stream that went behind the cabin I was in xD I remember getting the letters and getting all the feels from it… it really reminds you of how much the people around you love you~ I tried to look for the letters last night but couldn’t find them T.T So that’s kind of sad…

Anyways… maybe this little event will make her a little more nicer to me than what she’s been lately >.>;;