So much red..

 photo 20140315_123107_zps3383c5bc.jpg

Oh the joys of a friday xD I get maybe.. one day of the week (if I’m lucky) to get to spend the day with Gee. This last friday we had a nice errand running day and I got to show him how I look with red hair! He said it looked pretty good =3 I’m glad since I was really tempted at one point in my life to dye the tips of my hair red but in a gradient way =3 Then it became “unprofessional” so I guess I’ll have to wait for a job that I would actually be able to do that >.>;;

We picked out red fabric today too for his cosplay. It’s gonna be weird to see him in red to be honest… he’s a blue person >.>;; So this is gonna be really weird. And then I brought my sewing machine for him to open up!! It was… quite amazing. He actually did some research beforehand o.o I’m so … impressed to be honest *-* It’s quite a sexy lookin trait xP (I can see a face palm coming from that statement)

So with this dark red wig I’m debating on what kind of eyebrow color I want to have with it. I think a darker red … maybe with the use of eyeshadow? although I don’t believe I have eye shadow that will suffice so I’ll have to put that on my list of things to buy (which is honestly quite long)

I spent most of today cleaning my desk and sewing area… even dusted off the dust around the machines! I’m quite happy. Now hopefully I get left alone tomorrow so I can actually do some concrete cosplay work =3



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