My new background on my phone =3 oh so cute!! This is just reminding me to pick up some black fabric and make this dang dress *-* Anyways… Sica and the girls are awesome =3 I also love Yuri’s sultry look she’s giving xD Have you seen the shoes?! I definitely need to wear a pair like that to some dinner xP

Now to stop spazzing about the girls…. I had a LOT of work time today T.T It was so sad cause I was actually quite busy. Which in all honesty is good since that equals clients/money but… I was really looking forward to just working on cosplay planning and sketching! But I had maybe 10 or 15 minutes between clients today in which I had to spend getting the stuff ready for tomorrow’s event. Which I’m not even going to =.= But no one prepared for it so I just did it…. ugh. I think they undervalue my work in the office. I barely had time to eat so I ended up having dinner around.. 9pm. And you can see the time stamp on my phone is 11:40 and I snapped that when I got home and on the comp o.o
Seriously a tiring day but.. .eh. I can’t complain. Just sleep early and have coffee tomorrow xDD

I got kinda annoyed from the lack of stuff my brother has been doing….. cause I only stayed late cause I had so much on my plate and then some from the incompetence of some peoples. eh whatever. I lived through it and finished my work~ =3 Trying to stay positive about it lol

My sewing machine is still having problems… it’s sad T.T I can’t do my other work so I’m stuck doing actual work T.T AHHH THE SADNESS!!

positive thoughts. comon. posttive thoughtsss!!!


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