Archive | March 5, 2014

Early day


Lighthouse!! Today was… okay. It’s Ash Wednesday!! What does that mean? Well supposedly that I am suppose to pick something to give up but…. I don’t know why but that usually fails. Especially since I’m literally the only one out of my friends to remotely do Lent stuff =.= Maybe that’s why actually….

anyways! I had a business seminar this morning.. I woke up at 7. SEVEN!!! AM! It was a whole new light o.o The kids were like “wow you’re up?!” So I was quite amazed at myself to be honest. What was crazy was that the hotel tried to charge us $10 for a plain bagel… the employees were trying to get pocket money from us. We could tell and it was horrible. Let’s say we’re not gonna go back to that hotel or seminar again…

Afterwards there was food and boba. Always~ But after that… mother decided to just take a stroll on the beach and show us the statue she visits to often o.o So that was different… I took these pictures while just chilling out. I wasn’t feeling very happy happy though cause I have a lot on my mind as of lately…. that’s something completely different though :/

I’ve been super tired and lazy to do any sewing work and I have orders to fill and patterns to cut constantly. I really just want a day each week for cosplay. It would be SO nice. But I do have things in order to work on posting on my cos blog soon =3 It’s gonna be so much fun! (kinda..)