Dem colors

 photo 20140302_200049_zps0cbf6796.jpg

So initially I was suppose to update about this yesterday but I was way too lazy to actually get on and do so just because… well I think yesterday I was having a blast losing horribly to league games… like really badly. I still want to stream games too so I dunno… It’s a mixed feeling :/

So this skirt is actually all fabric from my aura kingdom cosplay! It’s just the extra fabric… and a little non-extra fabric of the silver lining. So the picture you see is the in progress picture… the band is currently flipped inside out which I did something different this time! With my last skirt I put belt loops on afterwards but this time I sewed them into the band itself… hopefully you’ll be able to see once I take a picture sometime… maybe tomorrow! The skirt took a total of maybe.. 2 hours and that’s with redoing the zipper like 3 times T.T It was sad.

I’m working really hard to get my kickstarter up and ready…. it’s taking so much work but I’m really hoping it’ll be worth it? I want more info up soon but.. ive been up till 3 every night and then I wake up at 9… it’s not pretty on me t.T



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