Archive | February 28, 2014

My scene

 photo 20140228_233131_zpsd4bc6497.jpg

I should thank John for both these pictures… xD There is something wrong with both the pictures… can you find it?

So obviously the picture on the left is of one of the desks in the office which … is broken. He was standing on it =.= This 190 lb  guy was putting all his weight on a plywood desk -.- So he feels like super bad about it lol…. who wouldn’t though. So that was a messy cleanup T.T Made me stay at the office even longer too! But obviously that was bad… but what about the right picture?

So the rose which bloomed beyond bloomed… it pretty much died the next day though. This was the only flower that really looked pretty in the bunch… and it was literally all the rest were dying and this one was like WEE! xD I looked at it and went… that’s kind of like how I see some people.. they just stick out from the bunch and bloom.

Man today… I was able to quickly sew on some trimming on the cosplay… finished a few bows and a nice looking sketch! I call that a productive day xD Looks like the week will be a hectic one for me.. I’m actually not looking forward to it at all. All this extra crap I have to go to just because I hold a title =.= It sucks. Do you know what also sucks? When your mother tells you all the bad personality traits and expands on them with a side note of: “we all talk about you” with a time frame of: “the most out of everyone” ….

well thanks mother. =.=
I’m not a perfect little daughter no matter how many titles and accomplishments I get. But hey, at least I do a little to try to please them? And then the other 60% is me trying to make myself happy. Although at this rate I’ll be stuck in some bank job because its “stable” and “good for me”.

…I needed that rant >.> If my mother can rant to me about me… I can rant to the world about my family xD I saw a quote on pinterest once saying how when a girl cries its not because she’s weak.. but because she’s tired from being strong. I’m not sure how I’m doing it but I can fight back with a straight face even as the words keep hitting me. But do you know what keeps me fighting? Knowing that I’m a different, stronger person when I’m put into my scene: cosplay & fashion.