Archive | February 26, 2014

“I can fit too!”

A little about my relationship withe Gee in a picture~ I’m the orange cat =.= He’s the fattier white cat with the double cheeks. LOL~ <3

Ah… such a bad day today. It wasn’t the greatest but that from my brother meddling into my business >.> Quite literally too. Something great did happen though! I went to Joanns today and found the CUTEST pink fabric. It’s just a baby pink but the texture on the fabric fits so well for me bows =3 So I’m super excited to make more~

btw I love how the cats are in a like.. asian basket thing for straining xD At least I see a lot of asians have them… but im guessing they’re universal baskets xD oh! And the bells are oh so cute =3 I’m not a HUGE cat fan … prefer dogs more… but I do still like them quite a lot~

Alright… I’m starving and still have to wake up early. It sucks. T.T