photo 20140225_194825_zps349f5122.jpg

Oh gosh… I love how cosplays look midway xDD This is my “crop top” for my Aura Kingdom cosplay. It’s actually just missing the bottom piece right now… but I learned to finish sleeves off in the end so that’s why the sleeves are flaring out xDD I also finally got the collar to look half decent! After I sewed the sleeves in… it actually started to look like a peasant top >.>;;

I’m also wearing my probably only pink pastelly kinda shirt! I love the color so much =3 I wish I found more items in it but.. I’m picky. I don’t want anything too… kiddish looking? But this shirt… I’ll have to take a picture of me in it better later xD And jeans. Yea… I’m wearing jeans for once >.>;;

I had too much work today but I did manage to get home decently early and get some cosplay done. Lots of dancing during cosplay time too >.>;; But the work…well… I spent most my day on a file that was apparently suckish. wo.



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