The snoow!!!


My mini snowboard, a cute pic, a resting pic, and a scenery pic!

This is my first time seeing/feeling/face-eating/falling/slipping in snow since I was in elementary school!! And it was SO fun =3 The top picture pretty much sums it up xD We came to the spot.. parked and went “wow it’s hot outside” which kind of sucked to be honest. But it meant that I could easily just snowboard with my jacket opened and my hair up without freezing to death. Down side? Not much snow if any… so it was all nice and icy/slushy. But we managed xD

So like any newbie snowboarder… I fell. Alot. xD BUT, most of it was calculated so I fell on my butt which in all honesty isn’t that sore o.o (I guess all the butt workouts help? LOL) And my legs are also not very sore… thighs slightly though. But I didn’t think I’d need so much arm strength o.o Mainly for getting up after falling around so much xD It was great though, the dopples were REALLY patient with us 3 and didn’t mind all the falls/breaks xD I was so tired just getting up from falling so 3rd time down the hill I just vowed to not fall so I would be less tired xDDD But no… after the 2nd run I got the hang of it pretty well o.o Our “instructors” were so proud of us =3 Said we didn’t fall so much comparatively.

Although I did unfortunately fall on my knees a few times which wouldn’t be so bad until you fall on just.. ice =.= It Hurt… so I have a few lovely bruises to keep as a reminder… but I blame the conditions for that. Luckily the dirt and ice taught us really well how to steer ourselves and get over slush/ice without freaking out xD

 photo 20140215_165602_zps2d71e58d.jpg

Pacchi: Hi!!

Pacchi came along with the trip as my “pillow” xP Can’t forget a stuffed animals when your on trips away from home xD

 photo 20140215_132506_zps7f6b50b2.jpg

Om nomnom!

After 2 runs down the intermediate hill (yea… our “instructors” refused to let us do the smaller one) we were tired and hungry xD Luckily Jasmine is awesome and packs a mean sandwich =3 Granted the mayo basically exploded on her (lol!) we were able to get a break in, water, and a nice lunch :D

Ah I can’t forget the classic selfie picture =3 I took this after I did … 4 runs down the hill? Including a short break which made the trip… about maybe 6 hours?

 photo 20140215_164440_zps852383d5.jpg

Bruised and tattered, I will still take a picture with the map behind me xD

So you can see some eye bags… (I woke up early.. slept late…) What I loved was being able to wear Gee’s leather jacket after it all =3 Seriously… guy jackets are SO warm. I looked so thug in it… it was awesome. Threw my scarf with it and had some jeans on. If I was wearing my boots it would have been perfect xD

Alright. Back to my normal days~~ Thanks to Jas/Alex for the massive amounts of food preparation and teaching us. Thanks to Heather for the drive and the cooking. Super thanks to Gee for putting it all together and giving us a free stay :D Definitely a great trip that I think we all needed~


3 thoughts on “The snoow!!!

  1. Pacchi the traveling alpaca you could make a twitter about him being at different spots would be a fun idea atleast for me ^^ and i never went skiing or snowboarding is it hard to maintain balance on a snowboard? or another question is there a way to practice it so you do not fall down as often^^?and iam jealous for the snow even its in the mountains here in germany atleast where i live did fall 0% of this white stuff damn you global warming you ruin my winter feelings…. and when there is a little bit of it later that day it rains and away it goes -_- winters in germany suck lately 3 years with barely snow in the part i live,the longest time the snow was there for was 1 day and 1 night …. its cold outside in the winter even minus temperatures and no snow i mean what the hellO_O christmas without snow i cant get used to it …. since i was little i had snow on christmas and in the christmas holidays and now since 3 years nothing…. i should move to norway or to more snowy parts of europe….

    • lol!! Pacchi.. the traveling alpaca~ I like it =3 But I don’t go to nearly enough places for that T.T
      It’s …. quite the challenge to keep balance on a snowboard. But it’s all about practice anyways! I thought Germany always had snow o.o It’s sad that you don’t get much! You don’t have to move for snow… just take a trip :D

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