xP & Osu A!


It’s odd that the lighting in the picture made my hair look… grey almost. Maybe that’s what my hair will end up looking like as I grow older T.T Every time my mother looking at the top of my head she points out all the grey hairs I’m getting and how it’s even possible for me to get so many at a young age T.T BUT! I do practically hold a hobby secret from her xD Hopefully a hobby that turns into more though… (comoonnnn luck! Help me out T.T)

So I’m pretty much in charge of the household for the next few days.. this will be interesting. I get to try my hand on a “stay-home’ mom kinda thing…. like I said. interesting xD

Oh! the picture on the left is my A in Osu =3 AHHH~~ So fun ~~

I also think I’m a little addicted to scarves… like… I wear one even if its warm outside xD It’s just… like a big necklace so it’s awesome~ Also really helps bring an outfit together… and now that I look at the picture.. it’s sorta odd… OH WELL!

(sorta loopy… I worked out and did sewing work with cooking and some actual work.. man do I feel productive!)




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