Planning… green tea?!

 photo 20140205_150322_zpsde388762.jpg

I was up early this morning so … I had time to kill on my phone >.> can you tell? xD I took selfies… this one was with the green tea after a cup of horrible coffee o.o I think I was biting my lip but the picture ended up looking like a regular smile and I went “eh, whatever” Cause I guess today wasn’t a great selfie day xD (yes, there is such a thing lol)

And I finished planning the cosplay out that you saw like… a few days ago. I found fabric that I can use in my pile of fabrics which made me really happy =3 I found beige for the top as well as white for the lining. Then I also have the pretty maroon color for the mid section which is absolutely perfect and I’m SO happy. I remember I got the fabric at the fashion district which was a total last minute buy and it’s actually for a skirt but…. hey, this works =3 I can’t really believe I’m going to try to make this in basically.. a week. I started it today and it looks like a potatosack =3 As always…

Looks like my work life is gonna get worse…this will be fun



One thought on “Planning… green tea?!

  1. It looks like a smile your smiles allways look cute makes me want to hug you and also good luck on the cosplay in one week challange you can do it:3

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